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If you have in mind to purchase a desk, our proposal for today is a workbench shaped desk. We are big fans of this desk model and below you can see why.

When we are working, even if it is from home or the office, it’s important to have an inspiring and pleasant atmosphere around us.

These models are equally suitable for both Him and for Her and combinations you can make are the most diverse.

Even if, aparently, this type of a desk is falling into the industrial style, by contrast it will bring added value even to a modern decorated  room.

Urban Photomural – Times Square Vlies

Urban Photomural – Times Square Vlies

You can choose a vintage refurbished workbench. This type of desk will bring to the space its own personality and story.


Vintage Workbench with metal base and wood board. The desk was refurbished leaving to sight the patina of time.


The workbench in this image is part of the Apartment Art in Cluj decor, a special place decorated “for the love of building and art”, in which you can stay if you stop in Cluj. The dining table is an object recovered and reinterpreted, that was obtained from a workbench of a carpenter.


In the example above, the Vintage desk is also used with the original aspect, this time however matching accessories are brought along, a storage shelf and a chair having the same look.

You can also choose a new item. We present below some ideas:

IKEA GERTON / ODDVALD beech/black, the board if manufactured from solid wood.

IKEA LINNMON / ODDVALD  white/black 

We recently purchased this product and we can tell that the white board has a productive effect to the work we are doing.

* the product is available in multiple color combinations




To get a glamorous look, you can paint the base with gold paint, and for those who want a strong splash of color we recommend Oskar AquaMatt acrylic paint.







IKEA GERTON (board) / FINNVARD (base)ikea_table

This combination was used is her own home by Laura Seppänen, a Helsinki based interior designer.



For those who want the authentic item, we found two interesting models here.

workbench worbench_original


A workbench desk is also easy to integrate into Modern or Traditional styles.

workbench_desk traditional_desk



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