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Top 5 most suitable blankets for fall

The cold season is here and our home comfort can be strongly affected. One of the solutions is a comfortable blanket to “hide” yourself in when you want to read a book or relax after a work day. In the following article we present you some of the best blankets we found.

LINDER France blankets – available on  AA Design Interior

Warm blanket Antarctic – Light Beige

A diaphanous blanket that pampers your senses in a fluffy cloud.
Due to the all light beige color and high quality materials and finishes it can easly be integrated in multiple interior design styles.
Warm blanket Antarctic

Warm blanket Antarctic

Patura clasica Lolita

Shabby Chic bedspread set with pillow cases for a romantic and welcoming bedroom.

Bedspread with two pillowcases that will ensure both protection against linen impurities and the feminine and romantic look of the Shabby Chic style.

Shabby Chic set bedspread and pillow cases Lolita

Shabby Chic set bedspread and pillow cases Lolita


simple.knits blanket – available at Dizainăr

Handmade merino wool, very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Design – Erika Popliceanu





IKEA Blakets


Double bed blanket, padded, with two sides.




Crochet blanket, made of cotton, ideal for classic decor.




Autumn can be tamed, at least inside the home, with a few blankets that can have both decorative and functional effect.

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