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Light fixtures – Industrial Style Luminna

Light fixtures 

The metal of industrial era enriches in a while the interior design trends, with significant influence in “Light Fixtures” segment. As lofts or former industrial buildings are increasingly popular for residential purposes, the Industrial style appeared naturally.

Along with unfinished walls and metal decorations, lighting fixtures have a fairly large share in achieving the desired appearance.

Light fixtures – Luminna

Industrial Desk Lamps from the Ideal Lux collection:

Lampa de birou Polly TL1 Crom

Desk Lamp Polly TL1 Chrom

Lampa de birou Wally TL1 Argintiu

Desk Lamp Wally TL1 Silver

Lampa de birou Elvis TL1 gama culori

Desk Lamps Elvis TL1


Armonica Floor lamp

It is the right choice if you want an atmosphere similar to a 70s movie set. The base is steel and the dispenser is made of borosilicate glass ensuring resistance to high temperatures.

Floor lamp Armonica

 Chapeau Beside lamp 

Black exterior and metallic interior, with high strength due to the materials used in the manufacturing process. It can be easily integrated; its form and construction make it specific to industrial style.

Corpuri de iluminat Luminna

 Cage Hanging Lamp 

Besides the punk name of the item we also find the unconventional design. The cage Lamp is made out of metal and it is available in three shape versions.

Lampi suspendate cage SP1

Hanging Lamps Cage SP1

Lampa suspendata Ideal Lux - Cage SP1 Plata

hanging Lamp Ideal Lux – Cage SP1 Plata


Lampa suspendata Ideal Lux - Cage SP1 Cilindrica

hanging lamp Ideal Lux – Cage SP1 Cilindrica


Lampa suspendata Ideal Lux - Cage SP1 Rotunda

Hanging Lamp Ideal Lux – Cage SP1 Rotunda


Beside lamp Old Industrial

An object that can be easily integrated into many styles of decorating, with Vintage, Industrial, and Steampunk accents. The base is metal and the lampshade is textile.

Textile lampshade

Suspension Urban

Because giving up the look of Edison filament bulbs was not possible, the manufacturers in the industry have made an incandescent bulb, which reproduces the warm atmosphere of the original.

The suspension has an Industrial-Vintage look; textile and metal are present in this product as well.

Light fixture Luminna

We present below some ideas for industrial décor where you can inspire. Although the style it’s not characterized by a wide range of colors, you should not forget that it is a non-conventional style. So, do not hesitate to imagine colored objects located in different places.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Industrial Design



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