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Interior Design – This year’s trend “Your style”

Modern, Classic or Vintage interior design?

In 2017 we challenge you to choose for you home the interior design style which best represents you. Whether you already have a personal style, or you are looking for inspiration or you are in the process of identifying it, the best choise for the place you spend your intimate moments is the style that makes you feel yourself.

It’s the place that sorrounds you with a soft warmth of wellness that you enjoy when you are happy for no particular reason.

Fototapet Peisaje - Drum spre Serenitate

Serenity Way

The trending styles, colors or shapes can complete an ensemble only as means of inspiration or accessories. But the main aspect must be a personal one, that expresses by each element the personality of those which occupy the space in every given moment of the day.

Each of us can be the designer of our own environment, which is the only way that you will feel like de design of a room or the entire house came out exactly how you want it.

2017 proposes a bold and refreshing color, Greenery, and a modern style with high-tech and luxury influences. But their integretion in your home will have the expected impact only if these items will represent you.

Interior Design - Green Tulips Garden

Interior Design – Green Tulips Garden

If instead you are attracted by ethereal and romantic images or objects we recomand to include in the decor floral elements and pastel colors. And if you want a bright home which enhances the space you should use different hues of white, pure white, pearl white and vintage white.

Fototapet trandafiri La Maison

La Maison

Fototapet Design Gradina Botanica

Botanical Garden

Can we decorate a room by merging more styles?

Of couerse! There may be times that for a whole ensemble you will be attracted by elements belonging to different styles. Don’t be afraid to bring them together! As long as you feel an object is exactly what you need to complete a given space, you can be sure it is the best choice.

You can choose to “tame” the rigid and robust industrial style, with elegant classic style elements. A sofa, an armchair or a chair with voluptuous upholstery will add warmth to stone and metal elements of the industrial style.





If you love bright and bold colors you can choose a design with Pop-Art, Boho or Oriental elements.

Fototapet Floral Melli Mello Kevena

Fototapet Floral Melli Mello City

Being yourself in every moment is the best gift you can offer yourself each day.

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