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Interior Design ideas – Painting walls in two colors

An important element when you put in line your interior design ideas for decorating a room is the design of the walls. Given the large area of the room which they occupy, their design will strongly influence the final décor of the space.

Most often, we only think about one color when it comes to think about walls decorations. Today we suggest painting the walls in two colors.

In case of standard apartments, your interior design ideas might need to require an additional effect to add height to the room. In this case, it is recommended to paint the top in a light shade, even white, and the bottom with a dark or vibrant color.

interior design ideas





When your space is generous, you can add depth by coloring the bottom half with a light hue and the superior half with a darker shade. A dramatic effect is guaranteed by this method, and depending on the decorative objects added, you can obtain lots of forms that enhance or reduce the theatricality of the room.




For nonconformists or for those who prefer the vintage style, you can choose to paint walls in two colors without using an exact line of demarcation. You can choose classic matte washable paint or you can choose stucco Veneziano paint for an increased vintage effect. The appearance of seemingly “unfinished” will add personality, originality and a bohemian touch to the room.


Vintage interior design

half painted walls

original interior design

yellow painted walls

interior design ideas stucco veneziano


In order to find an extensive color palette, we recommend you choose a shop specializing in selling interior finishing products. Such stores can offer a wide range of already colored washable paint or paint base which can be colored by adding different pigments, depending on the shade you wish to achieve.

Painting walls in two colors can be adapted to any type of interior design, whether classic, modern, vintage or eclectic.

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