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Ingo Maurer – Enchanting light fixtures

Ingo Maurer is the founder and main designer for Ingo Maurer GmbH. He designs light fixtures since the mid-60′. Under his guidance the company developed and evolved in time so that nowadays they create light fixtures that use the advanced technology of our time, but transpose us in a fairytale univers.

Ingo Maurer

Their products are exposed in two showrooms.

The first one is in New York and it is located in an old corsets factory.

Ingo Maurer_New York _showroom 1

Ingo Maurer_New York showroom 3

New Yor Showroom 6

New York showroom 2  New York showroom 5

The second showroom is in Munich and it took birth along with the production capacity expansion of the company. The former production plant was redesigned and turned into an “enchanted forest” where the place of stars and fireflies was taken by charming light fixtures.

Ingo Maurer_Munich 2

Ingo Maurer_Munich 3

Ingo Maurer-Munich 4

Munich 1 site

We present you below some of the Ingo Maurer products and hope they will also transpose you in a magical world.

 Porca Miseria! chandelier

Who broke the dishes? This time Ingo broke the porcelain … And what an image he left us with!

The chandeliers are spectacular in many shapes, but this kind of item, without a well defined shape, but with a dynamic appearance, will complete any space with originality, nonconformity and cheerfulness.

Porca Miseria! it is manufactured from porcelain and steel and it’s equipped with halogen bulbs.

Porca Miseria_Cooper Hewitt_Ingo Maurer

Porca Miseria – Cooper Hewitt

Porca Miseria_Ingo Maurer

Porca Miseria – Ingo Maurer

Porca Miseria_Milano

Porca Miseria – Milano


Zettel´z chandeliers range

This range of chandeliers comes to meet those who believe that any positive message and nice memory must be kept in plain sight.

The chandeliers are manufactured from stailess steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass, Japanese paper and halogen E27 bulbs.

Zettel´z Detail_Ingo Maurer

Zettel´z Detail

Zettel´z 5

Zettel´z 5_2_Ingo Maurer

Zettel´z 5_Bücher_Ingo Maurer

Zettel´z 5_Ingo Maurer

Zettel´z 6

Zettelz 6_Ingo Maurer


Zettel’z Viva l’Italia!

zettelz_viva_italia_Ingo Maurer


A bulb worth a thousand words! Part of Ingo Maurer collection has just a decorative bulb as the main focal point.

I Ricchi Poveri Range

Five Butterflies is a limited edition lamp, with five hand-made butterflies and it’s equipped with one halogen E27 bulb.


Five Butterflies – New York



I Ricchi Poveri Bzzzz has the decorative dragonfly made of anodised aluminium and it is equipped with a 35W halogen bulb which was produced exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH, only for use in some I Ricchi Poveri models


I Ricchi Poveri – Fly – limited edition, hand made fly, equipped with one LED bulb



I Ricchi Poveri Toto





JBSchmetterling_Ingo Maurer


Johnny B Butterfly



Monument for a Bulb

Monument_for_a_Bulb_Ingo Maurer




This item was designed in 1966 and is still part of the permanent Ingo Maurer collection.

The exquisite simplicity of a bulb in the bulb, invoking an image of infinity.

The base is made of polished chromium-plated metal, hand-blown crystal glass from Murano, equipped with one top-chromated E27 bulb.

Bulb_kaiserstr_Ingo Maurer

Bulb_Ingo Maurer

Five Pack

Another dynamic lamp with the effect of bowls falling of each other. The light effect is variable by adjusting the spacing between the five elements.

Lampa_Five Pack_Ingo Maurer

Five Pack_Ingo Maurer


Birdie Range

Birdie_Ingo Maurer

Birdies Nest_Ingo Maurer

 BirdiesRing_Ingo Maurer

BirdsBirds_Ingo Maurer

Of course the entire portfolio of the company contains many other lighting items, full of magic and unwritten stories.

We invite you to check out the full product collection and projects developed by Ingo Maurer GmbH on

Ingo Maurer GmbH is represented in Romania by Class Mob SRL.

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