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Home design with Buddhist symbols

Home design – integration in our home of Buddhist culture items that have a positive symbolic impact.

Buddha representations

As we know, Buddha is not considered a deity; he is one of the few people who have reached enlightenment. Therefore, the proposal of a representation of the Buddha in our home does not refer to a symbol in front of which we must bend. On the contrary, the presence of a Buddha representation awakens in us at a subtle level, the potential in each of us to know ourselves, to understand the world and be every day the best version of us.

Home design – Paintings and Illustrations

buddha painting

buddha painting blue

buddha painting grey


Home design – Buddha Statues

Depending on the position of the hands,  each Buddha representations symbolizes a different mudra:

Abhaya Mudra (Fearlessness): It is represented by the raised and slightly inclined right hand, signifying a gesture of reassurance and protection, while the left hand is resting on the legs, symbolizing leisure.

Buddha Abhaya Mudra Statue

Varada Mudra: The left hand is tilt down with straight fingers, symbolizing the giving and fulfillment whishing.

Buddha Varada Mudra Statue

Dhyana Mudra: Both hands are placed on the legs with straight and joint fingers, this being the meditation state mudra, in which the energy of serenity and reconciliation is transmitted.

Buddha Dhyana Mudra Statue

Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue

Thinking Buddha, relaxing the head on one knee – although it is a position that has recently emerged and doesn’t have proven notaries in history, this statue will inspire relaxation and tranquility where it will be placed.

Thinking Buddha Statue

The statues reprezented by the head of Buddha, don’t have just a decorative purpose, they also symbolize the wisdom and knowledge of the enlightened one. Often they will portray Buddha with eyes half closed, showing that in meditation one will look inside oneself and keep a vivid picture of the world surrounding.

Buddha Head Statue

Buddha Head turquoise statue

Home design – The Lotus flower

The Lotus is one of the most significant symbols of Buddhist culture. It was chosen by Buddha himself for being a flower that grows in muddy soil with the power to get out into the light and showing its true beauty. Thus, the lotus symbolizes the power of every being to get out of ignorance, to know his true self and achieve enlightenment.

With such a decoration in our home, we are increasing our confidence in the unlimited potential that we can access.

Candle holder Lotus flower

home design lotus candle holder

lotus flowers candle support

lotus flower wall decoration

Home design – Candle holder

The design of the candle holder is specific to the culture and as they are crafted with care to combine forms from which the candlelight will emerge like a shadow play, stimulating the imagination and creativity.

Vintage Lanterna Boho Angelica Home Country

Vintage Lanterna Boho Angelica Home Country

Vintage Lanterna Floral

Vintage Lanterna Floral

Bronze candle holder

Violet candle holder

Home design red candle holder

Metalic candle holder

Home design – Floor Cushions

Besides the spiritual benefits of meditation, maintaining the spine in an upright position and focusing, even if for just a few minutes, just on breathing, will have beneficial effects on your physical and mental health. Floor cushions will help you to have a few moments inner peace and introspection in a comfortable position. If you feel that your column is slipping, move the cushion near the wall and lean your back to it.

When did we stopped the last time, just to observe our breath?

decorative floor cushion  decorative floor cushion 2

Decorative cushions available on AA Design Interior


home design decorative cushion traget decorative floor cushion traget

Mandala – paintings and illustrations that help the meditation process, in the center of which, in a round form, the enlightened one is represented, giving everyone hope to achieve this state. Around this round form there is the universe and the different ways to get to the center in the state of enlightenment.

Mandala wall decoration


Also you can bring the mandala to your table with the Mandala tablecoth collection that you can find on AA Design Interior.

fata de masa Mandala Sonora albastra fata de masa Mandala Rosie fata de masa mandala sonora antracit

Being more and more popular this symbol is now also available for wall decoration.

Mandala Corro Photomural

Mandala Corro Photomural

Illustration symbolizing the links of every human with both the main source and the center of the earth. Between each of these links there is a steady stream of light, peace, love and acceptance which is synthesized by the seven chakras.

seven chackras wall ilustration


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