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Eclectic and Modern lighting collection – Axo Light Spillray

spillray-ceiling lighting-multicolor-site

Spillray Ceiling Light

Manuel Vivian is the main designer of Axo Light, an Italian lightning fixtures manufacturer; he is a graduate of Venice Art institute and has experienced glass design from an early stage of life.

In this article we are presenting you his Axo Light Spillray lighting collection of pendant lamps and ceiling lights. It is an Eclectic style collection, but one that can be adapted easily to a modern elegant décor. As glass is and will be a noble material, these pendants and ceiling light will give beauty and purity to every surrounding they are placed in.

The glass diffusers come in 5 colors: crystal, orange, red, grey or bronze and the frame is chrome metal.

Spillray lamps can easily be fitted in any home or why not office space, due to the variable grouping systems:

Spillray Pendant Lamp, circular arrangement with 3 elements:

spillray-pendant lighting-bronze-3-site

spillray-pendant light-red-3-site

spillray-pendant light-orange-3-site

spillray-pendant light-grey-3-site

spillray-pendant light-crystal-3-site

Spillray Pendant Lamp, linear arrangement with 10 elements:

spillray-pendant lighting-bronze-v2-in opera-site

spillray-pendant light-crystal-v2-site

Spillray Pendant Lamp, circular arrangement with 12 elements:

spillray-pendant light-orange-in opera-site

spillray-pendant light-bronze-in opera-site

spillray-pendant light-crystal-in opera-site

Spillray Pendant Lamp, circular arrangement with 20 elements:

spillray-pendant light-grey round SP20-in opera-site

spillray-pendant light-crystal round SP20-in opera-site

Spillray Pendant Lamp, circular arrangement with 26 elements:

spillray-pendant light-orange-SP26-in opera-site

Spillray Pendant Lamp, circular arrangement with 30 elements:

spillray-pendant light-red-big-in opera-site

spillray-pendant light-crystal-SP30-in opera-site

Spillray Ceiling Light, linear arrangement with 4 elements:

spillray-ceiling light-crystal-site

spillray-ceiling light-grey-site

spillray-ceiling light-orange-site

spillray-ceiling light-red-site

Spillray Ceiling Light, multicolour arrangement with individual elements:

spillray-ceiling light-multicolor-site


Source: Axo Light Italy

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