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Easter table – Design ideas

The Easter table is often the central element of the holiday, given that every time family members and friends gather around it to share a moment of genuine peace of mind. It is one of the reasons we wish to have a pleasant design.

Easter is a celebration of light and warmth, and as a spring celebration, leads us to refresh and renew aspects of our house, including how we accessorize the Easter table.

An important element in the arrangement of tables is the tablecloth. For this ocasion we propose our collection of tablecloths with bright and original colors and prints. The collection is manufactured in France by Stof.

Tablecloths come in two size versions: 155 x 155 cm and 155 x 250 cm.

Tablecloth Multico Butterflies

Tablecloth Multico Butterflies


Tablecloth Rondy Gray

Tablecloth Rondy


Easter table tablecloth Iroko Multico

Tablecloth Iroko Multico

Mandala tablecloth collection

Tablecloth Mandala Sonora Anthracite

Tablecloth Mandala Sonora Anthracite


Tablecloth Mandala Sonora Blue

Tablecloth Mandala Sonora Blue


Tablecloth Mandala Red

Tablecloth Mandala Red


For centerpieces you can also use some accessories as unusual in this context, as they are common in the kitchen.

You can put lemons or limes in an oversized decorative glass container framed by two vases with flowers of similar color palette.


Central piece Easter table

You can add to a central piece boiled eggs or raw eggs shells from which you previously removed white and the yolk through a hole made by a needle.

Easter decorations

Combine vegetables and flowers in the same arrangement.


Greet your guests at the table with a flower. It is the season when all the colors of tulips are available, helping us to abuse the colors and smells of this delicate flower.





You can also use the multitude of budding and blooming branches to obtain a natural look.





In anticipation of the light holiday we wish you good luck in  choosing the most appropriate arrangement for the Easter table.

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