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Decorating with symbols of cities

Decorating - Eiffel Tower view

This article was inspired to us by the decorating ideas found in the book “The art of living in the city” by Gilles de Chabaneix, one of the major photographers specializing in design.

We want in the following to show and suggest some ways in which the symbols of European cities can be represented in interior design.

Of course, as you’ll see below, the best way of decorating with city symbols, is the window view. Unfortunately, for most of us this method is impossible, so we will address various alternative solutions.

Paris – Eiffel Tower

Panoramic view from a parisian apartment bathroom.

Paris bathroom view

In interior design, you can choose a miniature replica, if you want a discreet integration.

Or a work of art where the symbol is represented.

decorating small replica

And a wall height photomural, will dominate the room in which it is located, highlighting the greatness of the tower.

Queen Anne Hill Residence

Cities Photomural – Parisian Panorama Vlies

Cities Photomural – Parisian Panorama Vlies

You can also find city symbols on a shower curtain.

perdea dus vintage tour eiffel alb negru

Also you could use decorative clocks:

Decorative clock Vintage Antiquite de Paris

Decorative clock Vintage Antiquite de Paris


Ceas de perete Vintage Paris 1885 - Angelica Home & Country

Wall clock Vintage Paris 1885

Venetia – Grand Canal

Venice apartment view

Grand Canal view

grand canal

To get the panoramic effect, you can decorate an entire wall with wallpaper. Depending on your preferred and adopted style in the room design, there are variations of Vintage or Contemporary motifes.

decorating wallpaper grand canal

grand canal wallpaper

Another solution may consist of cushions or furniture with specific pattern.

grand canal; sofa decorating

Barcelona – Sagrada Familia

The impressive building, in the specific Gaudi style, can be seen in the vicinity of this building.

view sagrada familia

Photography can bring many pluses and distinction to a room.

decorating sagrada familia photography

You can also choose a set of beddings with patterns inspired by the Sagrada Familia, or a framed sketch placed in an industrial setting.

sagrada familia beddings

decorating painting sagrada familia

London – Big Ben

From this apartment,  across the specific buildings of the city , Big Ben can be seen.

Big Ben view

Other methods you can use are, stickers, a handmade decorated bottle with rice paper printed with Big Ben, a painting that represents the symbol in different colors, or decorative pillows.


As we have shown in the previous examples, this time also a wallpaper on the entire wall adds a touch of drama throughout the room.

Big Ben wallpaper


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