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Color of the year 2017 Pantone – Bold and Vibrant

For 2017 Pantone chose a revitalizing shade, a color that symbolizes new beginnings. Color of the year 2017 Pantone is Greenery 15-0343.

Pantone Institute proposes a color of the year since 1999. For the first time in 2016 they have proposed as representative for the entire year the merge of two hues, Rose Quartz and Serenity. This year they are back to one shade and the color of the year 2017 Pantone is one that reminds us of the things that make us feel real.

A touch of spring that symbolizes the rebirth of the entire nature and the beginning of a new stage.

Color of the year 2017 Pantone - Greenery

The splendor and freshness of this shade of green will inspire you to take a deep breath and refresh you body and mind with a dose of optimism and well being.


The Institute proposes this shade of green starting from the modern man need to go back to the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. The trends followed by Pantone show that in urban arhitecture, as well as in design or lanscaping we feel the need to restor our inner balance by integrating green spaces in existing structures.


Tree House – Singapore



Naman Spa / MIA Design Studio

This year as well Pantone proposes a shade that should bring hope and serenity in a tumultuous social and political environment. The social message of Greenery goes further to the ecological situation and urges us to be aware of the impact modern man has on the natural environment.



Greenery is a pleasing vibrant shade which you can use in multiple ways.

  • As a dominant color in a room by painting the walls.



Color of the year 2017 Pantone - Office

Color of the year 2017 – Pantone – Office




  • By decorating the walls with nature captions photomurals
Floral Photomural Green Tulips Garden

Floral Photomural Green Tulips Garden


Landscape Photomural – Birch Tree Forest

Landscape Photomural – Birch Tree Forest


Nature Photomural Forest Glow

Nature Photomural Forest Glow


  • As a bold accent in an colorful or black and white ansamble






  • By including natural plants in the design of a room

Color of the year 2017 Pantone – Lichens wall


By this choice Pantone Institute urges us to turn our attention from “me” to “us” and to remember that we are all part of a common consciousness by which we can influence the world in a positive way.

Color of the year 2017 Pantone – Greenery is a bold shade that can be used in interior design, as well as in lifestyle or accessories.

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