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Color of the year 2016- Pantone

Pantone’s Institute choice for color of the year 2016 is an emotional one, based on two of the greatest needs of humanity in the current period. For the first time Pantone chose as reference color, the result of the blend between two pastel colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity.



One of the criteria by which the institute chooses the color of the year is the social component. Thus, according to social trends and needs, they chose a hue that merges the colors of compassion and inner tranquility.

Also, in the recent years due to a necessity of cancelling psychological labeling and standardization, a desire that urges us to see the world as a whole and not as a process of individuation occurred. The trend is that pink and blue to no longer automatically be associated with masculine and feminine; thus this combination of the two.


Certainly, in this case also, nature shows us things humanity rediscovers now, continued to exist in the environment all this time.





One of interior design styles which contained all the while the combination of these two shades is Shabby Chic style, which is defined by calm, reconciliation, relaxation and warmth.

Shabby Chic specific patterns


Bring joy or give a “delicious” gift with Chantilly Cupcake decorative cushions.

perna decorativa Chantilly perna decorativa Chantilly

Blending the two shades that are the color of the year 2016 by joining flowers with decorations

aa-design-interior-schabby-chic vintage-rose



A kitchen where can find these two pastel colors may be just what you need when you wake up in the morning or in the evening after a busy day.



You can choose to add the two colors by decorating the walls with wallpaper.

Landscape Photomural – Serenity

Landscape Photomural – Serenity


Beach Photomural – Morning in Caribbean Paradise Vlies

Beach Photomural – Morning in Caribbean Paradise Vlies


Flowers Photomural Suave Peonies Vlies

Flowers Photomural Suave Peonies Vlies


marie nouvelle wallpaper


Color of the year 2016 – Light fixtures can represent the decorations that add the final mark of a room.


desklamp-spring-marie-nouvelle (2)

The mix between Rose Quartz and Serenity can also be integrated in designs with retro or modern accents.


This year Pantone pleasantly surprised us by the choice of two colors and on this path we respond to their invitation to recollect ourselves  in  compassion and peace by what they have chosen to represent the color of the year 2016.


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