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Ceramic garden stool



In any decorating style, a ceramic stool will add texture, color, luster and a utility to a room.

The origin of this decoration comes from China, where it is used for more than 1000 years in gardens design. It is known that Chinese citizens have an affinity for nature, therefore a home is build around the garden. Therefore, garden furniture and decorations are very important. Drum-shaped, the stools are mainly used as seats in the garden.




Even if, this type of decoration, is imported in the Western areas for over 300 years, lately the presence of the ceramic stool is increasingly more common.

Once arrived in Occident, through travlers and traders, the drum-shaped stool began to be adjusted in order to meet the specific design. Now the stool is available in many colors and shapes, so it will add a touch of exotic air wherever it will be placed.

Whether you want to keep the classic look of the stools through specific prints or prefer something with a metallic look for a modern design, whether the available space requires a round or square decoration, this popular decoration will have the same charm.

ceramic stools 1


ceramic stools 2


Due to the versatility and durability of the material, a ceramic stool can be used in any room, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Since it is made from ceramics, the stool can easly be included in the bathroom design. Water and steam will not affect the material and it can be used with double purpose, decorative and as the support of the various objects that you use in this room.





It can also be part of the living room, as a side table, or book and other decorations holder.

taburet gradina ceramica



taburet ceramica  design_interior_albastru

taburet_clasic_ceramica design_interior_taburet_argintiu


A ceramic stool can also be used to add a splash of color to a room in which neutral colors were previously used.


Ceramic stools are perfect as seatings in hallways, this time also with double purpose, decorative and functional.






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