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BIFE-SIM 2015, Furniture and decorations Fair – Contemporary

This year’s edition of the Internationa Trade Fair for Furniture, Equipment and accessories, BIFE-SIM brought together leading local furniture manufacturers, but also a suite of exciting and challenging young Romanian designers.

Each of the new generation exhibitors leads us through their creations, to an exercise of imagination, color and storytelling.


Always a delight to rediscover them, Dizainar ‘s team members pleasantly surprised us this year with the set-up of a special stand such as the products they showcased.


Series of kitchen accessories:

Albe, Kitchen set – design Dragos Motica

Ceramics – design Madalina Teler


 Gotham Light Fixture – design Bulb 27 by Andrei Ignia

Marco Bar Chair – design Dragos Motica – Made from cork, beech plywood and beech wood


Lena Armchair   & Alecu Armchair – design Atelier Mustata


Alecu Armchair by Atelier Mustata


Lena Armchair by Atelier Aiurea

Portobello Road Floor Lamp – design Bulb 27 by Andrei Ignia


Portobello Road Floor Lamp by Bulb27

Marco Chairs – design Dragos Motica – Made from cork, beech plywood and beech wood


Marco Stool by Dragos Motica


S3 Project Table Alexandru Ionita Octavian Badescu

S3 Project Table by Alexandru Ionita & Octavian Badescu

Atelier Chair – design Dragos Motica

Chair Atelier - Dragos Motica

Atelier Chair by Dragos Motica

One of the most interesting products that are found at Dizainar is Slash lamp designed by Dragos Motica. Take it home, unwrapp the package that contains a stone and start working. Hitt the concrete lamp, until you get the model that you like the most.

Slash Lamp_BIFE-SIM_2015

Slash Lamp by Dragos Motica


Bicycle_Holder_OONA Studio

Bicycle Holder by OONA Studio


You’ve got flowers! by Ruxi Sacalis

You’ve got flowers! by Ruxi Sacalis






Vanguard furniture design

National Furniture Design Contest is organized every year by the Association of Furniture Producers in Romania and forward we present some of the products that participated in the competition.


Briss Chest by Iulia Leancu

Briss Chest – design Iulia Leancu – 1st place winner of 2014 National Furniture Design Contest



Kameleon Chest – design Cristina Elena Vechiu – awarded at 2015 National Furniture Design Contest


Table Vlad Alexandru Oana 2

Table – design Vlad Alexandru Oana


Chair by Beniamin Zagrean 3

Chair – design Beniamin Zagrean


Silva Artis

Desk – Silva Artis – design Ciprian Ionut Manda


Stellar Chair – design Ramona Marc


Wood Chair by Vald Oana 5

Wood Chair – design Vlad Alexandru Oana – 1st place winner at National Furniture Design Contest 2015

Foldo – Out of the box

Furniture and lighting fixtures, created exclusively of cardboard without screws, without clamps or adhesives, FOLDO products combine the pleasure of simple things with the design ingenuity.

Light Fixtures


 Conic Lamp


 Pill RED Lamp


 Tube Black Lamp



Seater Foldo


COUCHER & Seater Arms



Linia Furniture Architecture Lab





Lamp Pollen S

Pollen S Lamp


Retros Furniture

Retros Furniture

One of the stands that we liked in particular was setup by Divanissimi (couches),  Atelier Moldoveanu (light fixtures) and Fabrica de Litere (lighted volumetric letters), which add warmth and personality to a home.


Divanisimi-Atelier Moldoveanu 3  Divanisimi-Fabrica-de Litere 2

Divanisimi-Fabrica-de Litere-Atelier Moldoveanu

Divanisimi-Atelier Moldoveanu 2

Divanisimi-Fabrica-de Litere 3

Divanisimi-Atelier Moldoveanu

Atelier Moldoveanu 4

Atelier Moldoveanu 7

Atelier Moldoveanu 2

Atelier Moldoveanu 3

fabrica de litere 1

fabrica de litere 2

fabrica de litere 3

fabrica de litere 5

fabrica de litere 4

fabrica de litere 8

fabrica de litere 7


This edition of the furniture fair delighted us with a significant presence of Romanian design, which is becoming more appreciated and we hope to be increasingly more present in our homes.

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