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Benjamin Moore – Color of the year 2016 – Simply White

Following the trend of this year, both in fashion and interior design, Benjamin Moore chose  the color of 2016: Simply White (OC-117).

Palette white hues Benjanim Moore 2It may seem trivial, but given the Nordic style that gained popularity, especially in 2015, we have every reason to believe that white is full of opportunities. Both contemporary white specific to Scandinavian style, and the warm white which characterizes Classic and Shabby Chic styles, offer ample decorating  options.



From floors, to walls and decorative items, white can both prevail, and highlight certain items.

And if you think it is difficult to maintain, we say that it is not more difficult than black, mahogany or other strong colors. Besides, your reward is guaranteed.

White in the kitchen

Schabby Chic Pink Kitchen

Classic Industrial White Kitchen

Rustic White Kitchen

Classic white kitchen

Rustic Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Simply White Kitchen

White in the living room and lobby
Schabby Chic White cabinet

Bejamin Moore Simply White lobby
Benjamin Moore Simply White
White nordic living room

Schabby Chic white living room

White and blue living room


White in the bathroom

Classic white bathroom

Classic bathroom

Scandinavian white bathroom

Classic contemporary white bathroom

White – accessories and decorative items

Tol coffee table

Tol coffee table by Cristina Bulat


Tea and coffee mugs and cups by Angelica Home & Country

Tea and coffee mugs and cups by Angelica Home & Country


ceramics glass

Tall ceramics glass by Madalina Teler


White kitchen accessories

white teapot and cup set

lamp support

candle decorations

Schabby Chic white chair


White decorative bird cages and basket

White decorative bird cages and baskets by Angelica Home & Country

For ideas about white floors finishing you can also make a stop in “White floors” station.

Often, when we talk about colors we refer to our color preferences, but it is also good to take into account their influence on our mood and state. Color psychology has different meanings depending on the culture, but white has common features in most traditions, symbolizing purity, peace, optimism, and new beginnings. White also symbolizes probably one of the essential features of humanity, compassion. So, if you want a calm and relaxing home, choosing white is a great choice.

As you may know, one of the autum asthenia triggers is light deprivation. A house or room in which white is present will enhance brightness to maximum.

For 2016, Benjamin Moore proposes we surender to the subtle  complexity of white, revealing the harmony and radiance of the shades around us.

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